Fun With Powerbags At SXSW: Who’s Battery Is Dead

South By Southwest is filled with “brand ambassadors”, promoters and flyer passer outers, in fact we’re doing a little of that too. It has always been a fact of life and most people are nice about taking flyers because the mentality of the South By Southwest attendee is absorb every piece of info you can.

That seems to have shifted a bit and it’s definitely present in people who have never attended SXSW before this is at least my 9th time I think even more.

So on Friday night in Austin I wanted to try something different. The weather here has been absolutely horrendous and after being cold wet and ready to get into another party I did an impromptu giveaway of powerbags outside the Samsung Mobile FEED party at the Austin Museum of Art.

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Standing outside in the rain I had 4 powerbags with me two on each arm and of course the backpack that I use as my personal bag. I stepped out of my spot in line and started yelling “Who has a dead battery” and “who’s battery is dying”. No one in, in this line of over 200 had a dead or dying battery. Not one person. It was 10:00 at night at SXSW, what phone are they using, I want it.

So this crowd that was overflowing with dubstep loving hipsters was obviously full of crap. Of course that’s until the one brave girl said her Motorola Droid X2 was dying. I instantly filmed her and gave her a red bag (which is her favorite color). After that everybodys phone was dying. It just goes to show you what the atmosphere at South By Southwest is like.

I’ve stood in line at numerous events over the last 15 years of attending 9 or so South By’s and I’ve gotten some cool cool stuff. There was a time where Philips was giving away mp3 players, for nothing, you just had to acknowledge the promoter. I’ve gotten numerous party invites this way and money. Emphatically every year there are companies that will give you cash for just downloading an app or a quick survey, nothing big but heck every $5 helps.

So the moral of the story is not everyone is out to sell you something;) In fact we are teamed up with Powerbag to giveaway a TON of Powerbags here at SXSW for FREE. The Powerbags retail between $129 and $149 dollars.

How easy is it, Watch this video for the directions which are:

tweet @thedroidguy and @mypowerbag with your current location and the hashtag #sxswpowerup. You MUST be in Austin to win. We don’t care if you have a SXSW badget but you need to be here and downtown.

We still have plenty of Powerbags to go. Now, if you see me and my funky Android Beanie coming toward you with powerbags in my arms and I ask if your battery is dead, you may want to say yes…