Find What Ad Networks Are Clogging Your Android Phone With This New App By LookOut

As Android, and Android apps become more and more popular, more and more ads are coming onto our tablet and handset screens. We can expect a certain level of advertising, after all advertising makes it easier to keep so many Android apps free, ad mob, Millennial Media and InMobi are actually advertising companies who take user experience into consideration.

It’s other ad networks that are getting into Android notification bars, pushing ads at app start up and finding their way into social networking, that are disrupting the user experience.

In January, what we thought may have been a huge malware scare was actually an “app” called Android Counterclank. Our friends at NQ Mobile reported that, while counterclank was identified as not actually being malware it was very disruptive to the user experience.

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Counterclank, a produce of ad network “Apperhand”, placed a search icon onto mobile desktops without permission and then proceeded to serve ads through a users notification bar.

Now, one of the top Android mobile security firms, LookOut mobile has designed a new app that is used to detect what ad networks are on your Android device, and what impact they have on your device. For instance you will be able to see what ad networks have access to your notification bar, or what ad networks are only going to display ads in apps.

Ad Network Detector, scans all of your apps and gives you a list of all the ad networks, and what apps they come from. Ad Network Detector takes it a step further and lets you know how you can opt out of the ad network’s ads if that’s possible.

Ready to start detecting ads on your Android phone? Download Ad Network Detector here.

Source: PCMag

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