Download Android APK’s To Your Desktop With APK Downloader (Chrome Extension)

Chances are, that if you read, and own an Android phone or tablet, you also use Chrome as your browser (or at least one of them). That’s great news if you’ve ever wanted to download Android apps to your computer instead of your phone.

A new chrome extension called APK Downloader allows users to download Android apps (apks) to their desktop.¬† It’s not the easiest chrome extension to install. To get it working properly you will need to disable SSL error warnings.

While the extension technically violates Market ToS, it could prove to be a very useful tool.

One really good use case for APK Downloader is free apps. When I change Android phones, all of my paid apps of course sync with my Google account. Then I spend hours finding my free apps that didn’t sync over (some do but more don’t). With APK Downloader I can create folders on my desktop for my free apps and then sync them when I change phones.

There are other uses for APK downloader, so if you think you want to try it here.

Source: Android Police