DoubleTwist Adds Google Music Support


Over the years, Android users have had to find their own means to syncing their music, movies, and other media to devices. This is because Google never provided a service for users to do this until just recently, and because of this a service called DoubleTwist rose to fame.

DoubleTwist has served as an iTunes-like client for Android users for quite a while now, and with their latest update to version 1.7.3 they have combined their service with Google’s own by adding support for Google Music. Now, offline Google Music tracks will show up in the DoubleTwist library, ensuring that it’s faithful users with not have to suffer for using other clients to purchase music such as Google Music. Of course, this is what Android and it’s services have been about since the beginning: options. Be sure to check out DoubleTwist if you’re looking for a good syncing program, and if you already use it be sure to grab the latest update in the Play Store.

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