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Discover New Fashions With StyleTag The Ultimate Fashionista Android App

Discovery is a huge word in the appshere right now. We’ve got people discovery, business colleague discovery, place discovery, thing discovery and now thanks to StyleTag, fashion discovery.

The new Styletag app for Android allows fashionistas and those who want to be hip and look good, to share the latest fashion trends through pictures. Styletag connects users to each other and their favorite looks and brands.

With Styletag you can subscribe to your favorite brands and connect to real people wearing your favorite brands. You can also share your favorite brands especially on days you wake up and look great.

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People, designers and even stores can post their favorite styles and then you can share them and see them via styletag. You can find things in style tag by style, hot style, designer, and store. You can then like them, comment and share the items. One of the features I especially liked was the ability to tag some of the styles from Forever 21 and then email them to myself so that I could find the pieces in my local Forever 21 shop.

The screen shots in the Android Market showed a Prada bag for $300 which made it look like you could click on a link to purchase, that would be a great feature for Styletag and a good source of income for them as well.

To me, Styletag was like a Pinterest totally dedicated to fashion.  I like the idea of being able to submit my own photos on Styletag so when I travel if I see something cute I can shoot it and upload it to get feedback, likes and even find out who the designer is.

StyleTag is free in the Android Market and it’s by SK Planet. Download it here

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