Dan Hesse: Android Users Use More Data Than iPhone Users

Sprint's Dan Hesse on stage at CTIA October 2010: File Photo: Thedroidguy.com/Thedroidguy LLC

Sprint CEO was the featured guest on a Mobile Live video interview published yesterday. Hesse was defending Sprint’s strategy on betting so much on the iPhone. Sprint’s guy next door CEO Hesse has come under fire recently by reportedly committing to the purchase of 30 million iPhones.

When asked to comment in his Mobile World Live interview Hesse said that the iPhone is paying off. Four out of every ten iPhone’s sold on the Sprint network are to new customers. Hesse says that the iPhone coupled with unlimited data is a “marriage made in heaven”.


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Part of that marriage between Sprint and iPhone users is the fact, that according to Hesse, iPhone users are consuming less data than a top tier 4G Android phone does on Sprint’s network. There are a couple of factors that could easily play into that scenario:

– Sprint has a number of 4G/WiMax Android phones that could be using more data on Sprint’s faster network, the iPhone is not a 4G/WiMax device.

– Sprint has sold quite a few Nexus S 4G devices, a signature/vanilla Android Google developer phone with easy root access. Many of those customers could be tethering via root access.

– Android users have, in other reports, used more data than iPhone users.

Hesse highlighted some other key factors in the interview. One of them was the fact that he holds weekly meetings on the viability of long term unlimited. Obviously there is a cost in being the only carrier that offers truly unlimited. Sprint is using things like WiFi off-loading and closely monitors the weight on their network to continue to sustain unlimited data.

Hesse also said that Sprint’s agreement with ClearWire allows them unlimited 4G use through 2013. That’s also the same time when Sprint plans to have most of their U.S. 4G/LTE rollout completed.

Hesse wouldn’t confirm whether or not Sprint was going to move to LTE Advanced, however it could most certainly be done, especially now that Clearwire is the Clear provider for Sprint’s 4G/LTE strategy now that LightSquared is out of the picture.

Watch the whole interview at the source link; Mobile World Live, here