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CyanogenMod 9: Root Access No Longer Default

If you’re fairly new to Android you may have heard of Cyanogenmod and wanted to know what it was. Well Cyanogenmod is the most popular of the custom ROMs available for rooted Android devices. Custom ROMs allow the community at large, and users of Android devices, to have more variety and some custom functionality. Cyanogenmod, for lack of a better word, is an alternative OS that runs on Android.

Until now, root access, or super user access was the default when using Cyanogenmod. Today the developers behind the ROM have announced that root access is no longer the default.

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In a statement on their website the Cyanogenmod team said:

Shipping root enabled by default to 1,000,000+ devices was a gaping hole. With these changes we believe we have reached a compromise that allows enthusiasts to keep using root if they so desire but also provide a good level of security to the majority of users.

The team also said that the way Cyanogenmod will ship now the user will have a choice when it comes to root access. CM will automatically disable your root access and then you’ll have options to keep it disabled, enabled for ADB only, enabled for apps only or enabled for both.

This step by the most influential mod team in the Android ecosystem brings Cyanogenmod one step closer to being a legitimate fork in the Android OS. It also shows that as the Android user base grows the CM team is taking the steps to make Cyanogenmod more secure for users at large.

In case you are fairly new to rooting and flashing ROMs, you will still need root access to flash Cyanogen Mod 9 onto your phone however once it’s flashed it will be disabled for your protection.  The Cyanogenmod team warns that they can’t entirely protect your phone, but most vulnerabilities require access to the device itself. The CM team suggests keeping your phone with you at all times.

source: Cyanogenmod via AndroidCentral

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