ComScore: Android And Samsung Still Sitting On Top


ComScore released their most recent Mobile Lens report today for the months of November, December and January.  Not surprising, Android is still leading the pack.

When it comes down to manufacturers, Samsung is still the big winner. 

In the OS war Android was on top with 48.6% of the market share. Apple’s iOS was a distant second with 29.5% of the market, nearly 20 points lower than Android.

RIM (Blackberry), Windows and Symbian continue to lose market share. Symbian is understandable as the Symbian Foundation closed in 2011 with future development reliant on Nokia. 

RIM has been struggling since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and then Android a year later.  RIM changed leadership earlier this year in a hope to reinvigorate the Canadian company which is often credited with catapulting the Smartphone industry into existence.

RIM had a major setback earlier when they announced that they wouldn’t be introducing handsets based on their next generation OS, until the later part of this year.

Android had a great quarter especially considering it was the holidays. US Android growth was fueled by top shelf dual core Android handsets with 4G/LTE capabilities.

Source: Android Central