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China To Pass U.S. In Smartphone Sales This Month

With China’s gigantic population and advancement in technology it’s no wonder that they’ve become the fastest growing smartphone market. Flurry has released new data that says there are currently 109 million smartphone users in China with 122 million that have the means to buy one.  The U.S. had held the title of largest smartphone market share, but it looks like China will pass that this month.

The Flurry study said that the US held onto 28% of the smartphone market share 15 months ago. At that same time China only accounted for 8% of the world’s smartphones. Flurry suggests that this month China will hit 24% of the global smartphone market share and the U.S. will slip to 21%.

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This growth will of course be in both iOS and Android. Chinese manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei will be releasing their new break-through mega super phones in their homeland shortly. We just reported Wednesday that Huawei will put their flagship D-Quad phone into production in June and on sale in July.

The Flurry research shows that there are 122 million people in China with the financial means to purchase a smartphone, that haven’t done so yet. That makes China a very lucrative market for both Google and Apple.

Android has been on sale in China for the past 4 years, the iPhone on the other hand was just released recently on China Telecom.

source: TNW

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