CDMA Nexus Gets Skimped Out On Android 4.0.4 Update

There had to be a catch when Verizon announced they were getting a Nexus. There just had to be. If Google and Verizon are actually working together, either Google payed them a ton of cash, or they had to give something up in turn for the US’s largest carrier backing their Nexus lineup. At first we thought it was Google Wallet. But then the Dev community brought us some beautiful work-arounds as always.  However, a larger issue has poised itself for CDMA G-Nex owners.

A few months back, Google announced that they were dropping AOSP support for the CDMA Nexus, and everyone tried to assure us that things would remain the same. They aren’t. We figured that something would be up. It is. Today the Galaxy Nexus was added to the list variants receiving Android 4.0.4. The only problem with that is the GSM Nexus will be the only one receiving the update, and CDMA users are left out to dry. Will this be the way it always is with updates from Big Red? We sure hope not.

Source: Google

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