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British Android User Sues Google Over March 1 Privacy Policy

Two months ago Google announced that they were changing their privacy policy to consolidate over 60 separate privacy policies into a more uniform policy. When this announcement was made it seemed to stir the privacy activists into a frenzy.

Personally, we feel that if you’re that concerned with your privacy, don’t use the internet. However, many people don’t agree with our position.

Many feel that Google will now use the freedom from their new policy to share user information across all of their apps. Google, can actually do that with the verbage of their new policy however they are sensitive to their customers and your private information isn’t going to become a free for all. Google will only share your sensitive information across applications and services that you actually use, which you would have or already have, shared your information with.

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A British Android user doesn’t agree. According to Zeenews in India, British privacy activist, Alex Hanff, has sued Google over the new privacy policy. Hanff, who’s based in Lancaster, has sued Google for 400 pounds, the cost of his HTC Desire Android phone.

In speaking with the London Telegraph, Hanff has said: “The changes are a significant infringement of my right to privacy and I do not consent to Google being able to use my data in such a way,”

The small claim could potentially set a precedent for other Google product users, including, of course, Android.

source: Zeenews India

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