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Bobsled Brings Their VoIP Services To Android Tablets

Bobsled is a joint venture between T-Mobile and software company Virox. It’s a VoIP and messaging platform built on top of Facebook as a backbone. It was released last spring at a press event in New York City and has made an appearance at every T-Mobile party since then.

Bobsled has announced the availability of an Android app that gives you the same features as you can get on Android powered smartphones, including VoIP calling. Once you sign up for a Bobsled account you can make actual calls to people, leave voice mails, instant messages and text messages. Essentially bringing almost full phone capabilities to a Honeycomb (or ICS) tablet.

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In order to use Bobsled on your tablet you need a connection to the internet, wifi or 3g/4g will work fine. Of course the other big thing you’ll need is a microphone and a speaker. There are some tablets that don’t have microphones.

Provided you have all those things ready to go on your Android tablet, just download Bobsled from the Google Play store and you should be in business, making calls, text messages and voicemails right from your tablet.

Also, even though Bobsled is a joint venture between T-Mobile and Virox it doesn’t require T-Mobile service.

source: Phandroid

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