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Are You A “Mobile Worker” If You Are Or If You Aren’t Sure Check Out This Infographic

The Mobile Worker has grown ten fold in the last five years. According to this infographic published by our friends at Meshin, a mobile worker is:

“Any worker who uses a mobile device (including laptops, smartphones an tablets) and accesses networks to do their job at home, in the field, or while traveling for work”

At this day and age I wouldn’t be surprised if about 90% of us are in that category. According to the data set 87%  of tablet owners use them for work. 73% use their own tablets for work. This is quite an accomplishment being that good quality tablets have only been on the market for the last few years.

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The infographic also highlights the progress we’ve made in terms of cellular phones since 1984.

There area 700 million to a billion mobile works globally now. Are you guilty of any of these things:

working through lunch?
tucking kids into bed and returning to work (in a mobile sense)
going back to work remotely after dinner?
Do you work before you even go to work?

This infographic from Meshin really sums it all up and is extremely accurate, at least for most of the people that I know. Meshin is working on great productivity apps (and you know how I love productivity). The Meshin Beta app is an email, message, instant message aggregator that displays all of your messages in a news reader format.

Meshin Recall is a genius compliment to evernote which brings your calendar through your evernote so that you can make notes and recall them later by date. In a meeting with Meshin at South By Southwest we were told about some even more intuitive things that will be coming from this company that prefers to release apps to Android first.

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