Apple Could Settle With Motorola And Samsung By Licensing

Nasdaq reported on Tuesday that Apple may be in discussions with Motorola and Samsung to license their patents to these two Android manufacturers. According to the Nasdaq report Apple has submitted proposals to both companies with a royalty ranging from $5-$15 per handset.

Apple had initially offered Samsung a licensing agreement before the patent wars started in 2011. Samsung had obviously declined. Millions of dollars later and rulings in favor of both sides, may have driven the companies back to the negotiating table.

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One source familiar with the matter told Nasdaq that Apple may be looking to offer licensing agreements because Android has grown to such a large scale that “shutting the software out using injunctions is no longer practical”.

Nasdaq cites sources as saying that this isn’t the first time to the negotiating table for Apple. Steve Jobs tried to ward off litigation back in 2010. Jobs has a relationship with the family that ultimately owns Samsung, since the 1980s.  Samsung’s semi-conductor division has been producing chips in iPhones and iPads since their respective introductions. Those talks apparently fell apart when Samsung released their first Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Meanwhile, it’s been widely noted that the main interest Google has in purchasing Motorola is not to break into the hardware business but rather the hefty treasure trove of patents that Motorola has that date back to the earliest days of cellular connectivity.

One of Motorola’s earlier patents, that pertains to paging technology, was instrumental in a patent suit against Apple over push notifications. This suit resulted in Apple halting it’s iCloud and services in Germany.

Many Android users and enthusiasts would love to see Apple, Samsung and Motorola come to some sort of agreement and get on with making great hardware.

Source: Nasdaq