App Spotlight: Root Logger First Ever App To See What Root Applications Are Sending To Your Phone

Our good friend Stericson is back at it again. This time his new app is a utility that anyone who has a rooted phone needs to have in their arsenal. With all the talk about privacy, security, callerIQ and Verizon remote diagnostics, people with rooted devices want, and need, to know what is going on with their rooted phone.

As Stericson told thedroidguy in an interview Tuesday,

“This is the first application that will let you see what any root application is sending to your phone.” Now even with being rooted you will have better access to vital information on your phone. You’ll be able to see all the shell commands that are sent to your phone whether they are rooted or non rooted commands. ¬†Root Logger logs both.

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If you want to know what is really going on with your phone this application is a must have. As one reviewer says:

“If your looking to log shell commands, this is it. Simple U. I, easy to use. Want to see what some apps are doing behind your back? /boom”

Root Logger of course requires root access and busy box and can be downloaded in the Google Play store today. Stericson has also lowered the cost for a week to just $2.99 because he realizes what a vital part this plays for rooted phone owners.

If you’re rooted go check out Root Logger in the Google Play Store