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App Spotlight: Go Retro With Lomo Camera

While we’re still stuck out in the cold from the retro camera experience that is there are apps out there for Android that actually replicate cameras of old, even better. One of those camera apps is Lomo Camera.

Lomo Camera takes you back to the 80’s when lomography and lo-fi cameras were hot. Beginning in the 1980’s Lomo cameras were very popular because of their sometimes out of focus or artistic looking shots. There were art exhibitions and communities of like minded photographers all over the world. In fact Lomo Cameras became so popular that two years ago Urban Outfitters started selling a Lomo Camera that was repackaged and rebranded for the 2000s appeal.

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Lo-Fi is one of the setting that is featured in, however Lomo camera lets you customize your lo-fi camera settings.  Lomo Camera offers 6 popular filter settings based on the original Lomo cameras. All the filters are free and there is no “upgrade for more filters” option.

After you shoot your “Lo-Fi” pictures Lomo Camera gives you the option to share them on all the traditional channels like Facebook, Evernote and Email. The app was just released last month and has already seen over 100,000 downloads.

If you want to be next, get Lomo Camera here!

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