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Andy Rubin: There’s A Firewall Around Motorola

The recent buyout by Sony of it’s partner Ericsson from the former Sony Ericsson company, closed fast. Now that it’s over with all eyes are on Google’s purchase of Motorola.  Google has already received approval from both the European Union and the United States Department of Justice. Those two regulatory agencies were believed to be the hardest part of the regulatory process.

With all that out of the way a purchase of Motorola by Google is almost definite. That has the press, analysts and even consumers keeping a watchful eye out on Google’s open source Android Operating System.

In speaking to members of the press at Mobile World Congress this week, Google’s Vice President of Mobile, and head of Android, Andy Rubin said that they’ve “literally built a firewall” between the Android team and the Motorola team. Rubin said “I don’t even know anything about their products, I haven’t seen anything,” in an interview with TheVerge.  Rubin went on to say “They’re going to continue building Motorola branded devices and it’s going to be the same team doing it.”

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Rubin said he was painfully aware of OEM’s concerns with Motorola. So far Google has had a bidding and design war every year between Android’s top OEM’s for the highly coveted Nexus spot. Google introduced the Nexus One three years ago as a stock Android device coming out with the newest version of the operating system.

The Nexus One was designed by HTC but was said to be the “Google” phone much in the same way that the G1 was the “Google Phone”, it too was manufactured by HTC.

The following year, after the Nexus One, Samsung created the next “Google” phone in the Samsung Nexus S. This was the phone that introduced Android 2.3 Gingerbread. In a re-up of the Nexus S a few short months after release, NFC was introduced by way of the Samsung Nexus S 4G, a device that went to Sprint.

This years “Google” or “Developer” phone was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

To date Motorola hasn’t been a manufacturer of the annual Nexus device. However, Motorola was the first manufacturer with Android 2.0 which was the first major upgrade after the G1 was released.  The Motorola Droid is often credited with kick starting Android on a more nationwide scale through carrier partner Verizon.

Motorola was also the manufacturer to debut Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Motorola Xoom tablet. Although most don’t count it, Motorola was also the company to first release Android 2.2 Froyo with Adobe flash support. In fact Google felt it was so significant a launch that both Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin attended the press event in NY.

OEM’s are rightfully scared that Google will let Motorola do the Nexus phones from here on out, despite Google constantly denying this.

How Scared are the others?

Samsung has said they fully supported the merger. However, immediately after that announcement an emergency meeting was held at their South Korean headquarters. Since that meeting Samsung has announced a more aggressive rollout of their “Bada” operating system. They also invested with Intel in a new operating system called Tizen.  It was revealed this week in Barcelona that Huawei will also take an active role in Tizen.

What do you think? Is Google blowing smoke or are they going to stick to their guns?

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