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Android Police Wrong: Kugel Also Begins With “K”

Our friends at Android Police ran a story today that brought light to the fact that “Key Lime Pie” is the only desert that begins with a “K”.

If you’re not familiar with why we are discussing deserts and the letters they start with, it’s because that’s the naming structure behind Google’s versions of Android.  Without going all the way back to the beginning Android 2.2 was “F” which was Froyo. Android 2.3 was “G”, Gingerbread. Android 3.0 was “H” Honeycomb and we are currently at Android 4.o “I”, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The blogsphere is 90% sure that the next version of Android will be “J” Jelly Bean. While Google hasn’t released that information yet, there were multiple large jars of jelly beans throughout the Android booth-o-fun at Mobile World Congress.

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That brings into consideration the next version. The next letter in the alphabet is “K” and Android Police have made the logical step and suggested Key Lime Pie.

While Key Lime Pie is the next mainstream desert, there’s another not so well known, but delicious desert called Kugel. Having attended many Jewish funerals in the past few months I’ve had a lot of Kugle. As  a young Jewish kid it was one of my favorite deserts ever.

So what’s to make anyone else think that a not so well known Jewish desert could be the letter “K” version of Android? Well according to internet searches all three Googlers at the top of the heap, Larry Page, Andy Rubin and Segey Brin are all Jewish.

While we concede to David Ruddocks logical thinking that the next version of Android will be Key Lime Pie, maybe Google will help spread the word about Kugel and how delicious noodle pudding is. Oh and Kugel rhymes with Google.

Here’s the Android Police Story
Here’s a some recipes for Kugel
Here’s the Chanukah Song parody we published in 2010

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