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Android Game Spotlight: The Lorax Truffula Shuffula

Universal’s recent hit movie The Lorax is in theaters now. We’ve already seen their fun Lorax Mustache app that lets you use the infamous Lorax mustache as a mouth piece or as a virtual prop for some silly photos.

We’ve also had the chance to play the addicting puzzler “The Lorax Truffula Shuffula”. It’s a Lorax themed spin on a bubble like popping game. The premise is easy, match three or more Truffula’s in a vertical or horizontal row and they disappear. The more rows you clear the higher your score gets.

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If you pop multiple clusters at one time than you get point bonuses which is a multiplier of 1o0 based on the amount of Truffula lines you get rid of.

The Shuffula part comes into play when you get stuck with no Truffula’s to get rid of. When you get stuck, you hit the Shuffula button and it mixes up the Truffulas to give you a fresh board to pop away Truffulas.

It’s a fun little time killer with a great theme. Go download The Lorax Truffula Shuffula from the Google Play Store, here.


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