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Amazon Drops Galaxy Nexus To $99

Wow that didn’t take long. It looks like Amazon has the Verizon Wireless version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for just $99 now with a new two year agreement.

The Galaxy Nexus is the flagship phone for the latest version of Android, Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.  That version brings a hybrid of features coming from Gingerbread and the tablet version of Android Honeycomb.

Android 4.0 users are also treated with a substantial upgrade to the camera app including panoramic photo and the ability to switch faster from camera to video and back. There is also a time lapse feature never seen before on the Android platform.

Ice Cream Sandwich also allows you to group icons into folders on your home screen to co-locate your common apps in the same folder. In fact you can organize these folder (bubbles/circles) whatever way you like and still put widgets for your favorite apps on your home screen.

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Although NFC is available on the predecessor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Samsung Nexus S, it’s more robust within Ice Cream Sandwich. For instance they’ve added the ability to use NFC to beam another Android 4.0 phone with NFC via the included beam app. You can share things like songs, apps, and even maps with a friend rocking the same version of Android on an NFC enabled phone.

Ice Cream Sandwich also brings the familiar multi-tasking button/functionality from Honeycomb, allowing you to quickly switch back and forth from your most recently used apps without closing them. That makes things like copying and pasting or touching up a photo via an app quick and easy.

The form factor, of the Galaxy Nexus is slightly curved and fits well to the ear. It’s one of the best phones Samsung has produced with Android on it. Of course the biggest kicker for the Galaxy Nexus is that it’s “vanilla” Android and doesn’t come with any Verizon bloatware (although there’s quick access to it in the Google Play Store).

Amazon now has the Galaxy Nexus for just $99 with a new 2 year agreement. If you were on the fence about the Galaxy Nexus, there’s no reason to not get it now.

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