After Draw Something Beats Words With Friends Zynga Considering Purchase Of OMGPOP?

If you haven’t become intimately familiar with the game Draw Something, you are either anti-social when it comes to social gaming or you live under a rock. Draw Something has quickly risen to the most popular social game in the world, beating out Zynga’s smash hit Words With Friends.

Draw Something is a game very similar to win, lose or draw. You have to draw pictures and let your opponent guess the picture. The game comes in a freemium version and a premium version. It selects words for you on three skill levels. The first skill level is typically an easy noun like boots, or tears. The second level is either a noun or a verb, that may be a littler harder to draw. The third is usually a proper noun like Lil Wayne or Rihanna.

The drawings are hillarious based on skill level. Once the drawings are complete you need to guess your opponents drawing. If you guess successfully both players earn “coins” that can be used for in app purchases. It has the same game play style as the words with friends franchise. You can play multiple games at one time and you can get a random opponent or play against a Facebook friend.

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After 5 weeks on the market Draw Something has seen over 20 million hits and is generating six figures a day.

With it’s social game play and massive success it’s no wonder that TechCrunch is reporting today that Zynga is in talks to purchase Draw Something’s developer OMGPOP. According to TechCrunch’s Kim-Mai Cutler, neither side would return phone calls, and OMGPOP’s CEO Dan Porter hasn’t answered questions about interest from Japanese firms either. Cutler speculates that OMGPOP could be worth somewhere between $150 million and $250 million dollars.

In retrospect, Zynga’s biggest acquisition to date was the $53 million dollars it paid for Words With Friends creators New Toy. After the transaction finalized Zynga was able to double the Words With Friends user base in 120 days. Both Words With Friends and Draw Something can be played on the web, Facebook or on an iOS or Android smartphone.

Source: TechCrunch, DigitalTrends