4000 Mah Battery For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Last week we told you that accessory giant Seidio had released a 3800mah battery for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with NFC.

Mugen’s new 4000mah battery is only for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM version. According to phonearena Mugen wasn’t able to shrink the size down on the big bulky battery. They report that the Mugen battery and battery door, when installed, looks like you have two phones glued together.

The Mugen battery costs $99 and will be available starting Friday. However the Seidio battery is $79, available for the CDMA Galaxy Nexus. and it has NFC support as well.

There’s no word on whether or not this Mugen battery has NFC support but it’s doubtful since they didn’t announce it with NFC.

source: PhoneArena