With Cyber Bullying On Mobile Devices On The Rise Word Bully 2.0 Is Introduced To Android Market

Earlier this week we revealed an alarming statistic and that is that cyber bullying via mobile phone is up 41% for teenagers.

Cyber bullying originated online and was most prevalent on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. On those sites someone would start picking on the bullying target and others would flock in and join them. Kids bullied other kids over everything.

Cyber Bullying got so bad that a child’s mother was able to cyber bully another child to suicide over cheerleading, read about that here on Dr. Phil.

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Cyber Bullying has moved from social media networks, online sites, and email bullying to the mobile phone. One of the biggest problems with the mobile phone is that parents don’t have access to their child’s mobile phone the way they could monitor a social network or have access to the family computer.

“Having lost my loving son to the horrible reality of Suicide, his response to bullying .  I encourage all parents to look hard at solutions as simple as this one from Iconosys.  Their tireless effort and works help us protect our children from the bullies out there that know not what affect they have.  Bullying is a naive effort by other children to find their own identity.  The casualties that result are our problem!  Even if you think your kids are safe, confident, and free from bullying, you should consider this app.”, said Brenda High, founder of Bully Police USA, Inc. “Sometimes it only takes one instance to change a child’s life [and ours] forever”

Iconosys, the creators of great apps like My Max Speed 2.0, Alternative Fuel Finder, Trick or Trackr and Thedroidguy app, have updated their popular Word Bully to Word Bully 2.0.  With the upgrade Iconosys brings these features to their top ranked Cyber Bullying defense app:

·         Word Bully™ provides protection monitoring for approximately 4500 words, acronyms, bulli-cons, phrases, and collections of characters that might be considered profanity, threatening and/or vulgar. The app also allows you to create and manage a custom list of monitored words (e.g.  Acronyms, abbreviations, cultural-isms, and gang-style lingo) that are used. Nearly 1200 more than the previous version.

·         Enable and Disable the Word Bully™ service using the protected access feature of a parental-controlled password.

·         Word Bully™ monitors for inbound and outbound questionable communications and   forwards to the parent’s phone, identifying if it was “sent to” or “sent from” your child.

·         Choose to monitor ALL of the text message communications with certain settable “Black Listed” individuals, such as those people you believe or suspect to be a significant threat, forward those communications to the responsible

·         Choose to ignore specific numbers or add numbers to a “White List”

·         Locate your child anytime with Trick or Tracker®, recently touted by Good Morning America and  Today shows,  child location retrieval service, built right in! (a $4.95 value)

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