Walmart Offering Some $50 Gift Cards For 2 Year Agreements, Offer Ends Valentines Day

Walmart is offering a sweetheart of a deal for customers that are getting new phones on two year deals at Walmart stores. Some phones are coming with a $50 Walmart gift card.

Walmart’s website doesn’t say which phones are eligible for the $50 gift card promotion but in talking with a Walmart wireless employee today we’ve gathered that it’s higher end smartphones on all four carriers.  Best Buy, one of Walmart’s biggest competitors in the wireless arena, is offering $50 gift cards to anyone that buys a phone in 2012. The only condition is that you have to register in advance for that promotion. While you can get the gift card anytime in 2012 you have to sign up by Sunday.

As for Walmart, their gift card promo runs out on Valentines Day. Walmart has become more and more aggressive with their wireless sales over the last two years. Some Walmart stores have moved their Wireless section to the front of the store as a SWAS (Store Within A Store) as the Walmart Connection Center.

source: Sprintfeed