Virgin Mobile, US Cellular And Metro PCS To Get HTC One V

Typically when a new device is released it takes a little bit of time on the market before the device, or a revised version of it, hits carriers like Virgin Mobile, Metro PCS and US Cellular.  That’s not the case with the new HTC One series of Android smartphones.

On Sunday at Mobile World Congress HTC went ahead and released carrier information for their new flagship line of phones. 140 carriers are on board for the release of the HTC One phones, and Virgin Mobile, US Cellular and Metro PCS are part of that list.

Sprint’s Virgin Mobile, prepaid carrier Metro PCS and regional carrier US Cellular will get the HTC One V.  The One V builds on a legacy design for HTC, with a “boot” or curved bottom reminiscent of earlier HTC devices.

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It will feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense 3.6 on top.  It has a 1ghz single core processor, 3.7″ SLCD2 WVGA display and a 5 megapixel camera. The camera has HTC’s new Image Chip with improved shutter speed, and a better lens. Couple that with the panoramic shooting of Android 4.0 and the camera enhancements provided in Ice Cream Sandwich and you can leave your old point and shoot at home.

The HTC One V also features Beats Audio for your listening enjoyment.

In case you’re keeping score, the HTC One X is headed to AT&T’s 4G/LTE Network. The HTC One S is headed to T-Mobile and now the HTC One V is headed to Virgin Mobile, US Cellular and Metro PCS. It doesn’t look like Sprint or Verizon will get any of the new HTC One flagship phones.

HTC has announced that HTC One phones will begin shipping in April however the word around MWC is that the One V will ship in June. So we can safely say the One V should arrive sometime between April and June.