Verizon Wireless Testing New “Apple Store Like” Concept Store In NJ

Verizon Wireless new "Evolution 2.0" Concept Store in Tom's River NJ. Before (Left) After (Right) photos: Pocketnow

Verizon Wireless is launching a new concept for their retail stores in Tom’s River NJ. This new store is just a test for now, but if it’s successful, it could get deployed on a much larger scale.

The Tom’s River concept store, dubbed “Evolution 2.0”, will feature a 3,100 square foot sales space. Within that space there will be large white tables where customers can sit down at bar stools and check out the latest smartphones and tablets.

Evolution 2.0 will be staffed with 21 associates and 2 supervisors that will be well trained on each and every device that the customers will be checking out. Verizon will also expand their customer education program in this concept store by holding regular trainings on new devices, and follow up classes on how to get the most out of their device.

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The new concept will encourage potential customers to spend quality time with devices, rather than the stand up demo areas in current Verizon Wireless stores. Customers will be able to get a real idea of the functionality of the devices both through using the demo units on the tables and through the educational events held in the store.

Like the Apple Store, Verizon Wireless Evolution 2.0 will feature a paperless transaction. Verizon will use electronic receipts sent via email to customers instead of printed receipts. Customers will also be able to view transactions on select tablets and smartphones throughout the store.

source: Pocketnow