Verizon Wireless Customers Petition For The Samsung Galaxy Note

After the Samsung Galaxy Note was released at IFA in Messe Berlin back in September there was widespread speculation on what carrier the device would end up on. Obviously we know that it ended up on AT&T. Not only that but Samsung supported the launch with a multimillion dollar 90 second commercial during the Super Bowl.

While the rumors were swirling about where the Galaxy Note would end up, rumors about a “Samsung Galaxy Journal” started to surface with the device allegedly heading to Verizon Wireless. Of course those rumors proved to be false.

Now, some disgruntled customers who were looking forward to the Galaxy Note, have taken to an online petition to hopefully persuade Samsung and Verizon Wireless to release the device on the nation’s largest carrier.

We’re not sure how long AT&T has with exclusive lead time, but we can safely bet that there is some exclusivity there, especially with the gigantic marketing spend.

If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer and want the Galaxy Note, it wouldn’t hurt to sign the petition, of course these things rarely have an impact on the outcome.

source: Droid Life via PhoneArena