Valentine’s Day Accessory Spotlight: Pink iLuv Dual Material Hard Shell Case For MacBook Pro

We thought that Valentine’s Day would be great for reviewing Pink product and iLuv is a company that loves pink just as much as they love making great accessories for Mac laptops, Android phones, iPhones, iPads and more.

Right now we’re taking a look at iLuv’s “dual material hard shell for 15″ Macbook pro’s”.  The dual material case is made up of molded elastomer frame in a variety of colors. It feels a little harder than silicon but it’s not the same hard plastic that the top and bottom cover are made of.

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The clear part is actually plastic, or more importantly hard polycarbonate. It’s see through which gives your Macbook a little classy Apple look complimented by reinforced materials that can withstand rigorous bumps and dings without harming your computer.

The elastomer frame has cut outs for access to all your Macbooks ports.

One thing we noticed is that the case itself doesn’t get overly hot. We’ve tried a lot of different cases and seen some of them get hot.  One of the great thing about Macintosh laptops is their ability to displace heat and keep processors running at their maximum. This case doesn’t interfere at all.

The case goes by model number iCC 1205 and comes in black, white, blue and pink. It’s $59.99 from the iLuv website, or below for $36.27

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