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Use A Kinect To Control Your Galaxy Nexus?

Not everyone would be able to do something as geekily amazing as controlling their Samsung Galaxy Nexus with an Xbox Kinect and a projector but an Android developer has done just that. Colin Edwards, who goes by the name, DDRBoxman, was looking for a way to build a giant touch screen with a Kinect.  That’s how he came up with the idea to incorporate the Kinect, the projector and the Galaxy Nexus.

Although it’s a lot more complicated than this, dumbing it down here’s what Edwards did.

– First he had to rebuild a version of Android so that instead of touch/user input, the Android device would take TUIO commands from the Kinect.

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– He set the Galaxy Nexus up to a projector using an MHL link

– He used a PC program called “Simple Kinect Touch” to receive the data from the Kinect

– He then had the PC convert the data to TUIO commands which were received by TUIO for Android to map coordinates.

This isn’t by any means an easy do it yourself hack, or one that’s just plug and play. It’s great though that it can be done at all.

In the video above Edwards uses his Kinect/Projector combination to go to his home screen, swipe from side to side, open apps, close apps, go back to the home screen and open his app drawer. It’s pretty cool stuff.

source: Hackaday via Phonearena

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