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Upgrade Eligible Customers For Sprint May Get $100 Bonus

In 2011 Sprint made a lot of changes to some of their legacy programs that ended up making some Sprint customers a little upset. They also made some contract term changes that allowed some customers to get out of their contracts early.

Now we’ve come to find that Sprint is trying to hold onto customers who have become upgrade eligible and haven’t yet upgraded. Those customers, currently going month to month, are able to leave Sprint at anytime after they reach their two year mark.¬† Sprint’s hoping a new incentive will keep those customers right where they are.

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According to this leak posted at, Sprint customers who are upgrade eligible may find a $25, $50 or $100 is available to them. As Chris Chavez over at Phandroid points out, there’s no criteria announced as to who actually gets the discount and which discount they get. The leak just says those eligible customers will be moved into their RMS system.

The promotion runs from this Sunday to March 18th. If you’re one of those Sprint customers that is upgrade eligible and you’ve been that way for a while, now may be the time to upgrade. When you combine that $100 off with some of the current deals for new two year agreements you could get a premium Android smartphone for $100 or even $0.

Sprint is expected to make some heavy artillery announcements after MWC as well so perhaps you could get a brand spankin new quad-core Android device with that credit. hmmmmm

Be careful though because taking advantage of the promotion will tie you into two more years with Sprint.

source: SprintFeed via Phandroid

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