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Uberhype For Android Gets Major Update

If you’ve followed thedroidguy for a long time than you know by now that I am also a dj by trade. No not a basement dj playing on the computer or a “guitar center dj” I started a vast career in commercial radio at age 12 and at the same time started mixing. I’ve also been a touring dj and resident in major clubs across the country during the 90’s and early part of the 2000s.

As such, one of the biggest tools I use today on the web, came to Android in 2011 and that is the hypemachine. If you’re into discovering great remixes, mashups, indie artists and more than I am sure you are vastly familiar with the Hype Machine.

Back in December we initially reported on Uberhype, an app that brings the Hype Machine to your Android phone.

Now we’re pleased to find out that Uberhype has undergone a major update. In Uberhype’s version 1.0.3, released to the Android Market at the beginning of February, they’ve added some cool new features. The biggest features of the new update are Album Premieres from Hype Machine and automatic publishing of “Favorites and Now Playing” to Facebook and Twitter.  They’ve also undergone a major UI update making the app more appealing.

The complete changelog is after the break:

  • Fixes for ICS or Android 4.0
  • Updated UI Design & Graphics
  • New: Browse & listen to weekly “ALBUM PREMIERE”
  • New: Share a playlist for an Artist
  • New: Share a playlist for a Music Blog
  • New: Settings Menu
  • New: Automatically publish Favorites & Now Playing timeline to Facebook
  • New: Automatically publish Favorites & Now Playing timeline to Twitter
  • Data optimization and caching
  • Bug Fixes for low memory warnings and crashes

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