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Ubercades Invade Washington DC For President’s Day

“Oh my goodness is that the President”, was what many DC area Uber users heard today after they ordered up uber car service from their Android and iPhones in the Nation’s Capital.

Instead of having a break down the doors President’s day sale at Uber today, they decided to take the President’s day theme one step further.  As you can see from the video, random Uber users in DC received a town car as expected, however the town car was flanked with American flags on each side of the hood, Oh yeah, and a black Suburban in front and behind it with the same flags.

The drivers of the town cars were outfitted with Secret Service like ear pieces and played the secret service chauffer role very well.  The three Uber customers that were filmed in the video seemed quite impressed with what Uber was calling the “Ubcercade”.

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One of the Uber users said that when she arrived at her destination there were kids waving and tapping on the windows.

It seems to have worked as a lot of people were talking about these little motorcades popping up all over the place. Of course if you’re from the DC area and have ever seen the Presidential Motorcade, Uber would have needed at least 4 pairs of police motorcycles, and several more cars, plus shadow cars to execute an actual Presidential Motorcade.

Source: Cnet


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