The Root.Com Publishes List Of “Apps Black People Like– Or Ought To”

In the latest Pew survey of adults using smartphones it was revealed that 44% of African Americans own a smartphone. This was actually 10 percent than American adults overall. The study didn’t break phones down between Android and iPhone but that doesn’t seem to matter either way. contributor and media personality Stephanie Humphrey published a list of must have apps for African American smartphone owners which are:

HopSpot- a local based app with navigation instructions for walking, biking, taxi and public transportation. It’s available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android here possibly the best financial management tool available for any smartphone. It’s by Intuit the people that bring you Turbo Tax. It’s available for iOS and Android Here

HBCU Homecoming. This iPhone only app keeps track of all the homecoming festivities at Historically Black Colleges and Univesities (HBCU).

Kandi Koated Spades is another iOS only game but it’s a great take on the traditional spades game.

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