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Temple Run For Android Delayed Yet Again

If you’ve ever had the chance to play Temple Run on an iPhone than you’d know that it’s an incredibly addictive, fast paced game. In Temple run you try and outrun these zombie like guys that are chasing after you. You’ve got one chance.

Using gesture controls you move at an incredibly fast pace through the screens jumping over trees,and across broken bridges, balancing on rocks and swiping left and right at the drop of a dime to turn and run. On the way you pick up coins and points for staying alive. Once you fall though, it’s all over.

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Temple Run is one of the most popular iOS games since it’s release. We’ve been anxiously awaiting Temple Run to come to Android so we can enjoy it too, on our bigger screens with faster processors.

Our friends at Android Community, noticed that the developer’s of Temple Run have reported that it’s been delayed a bit and that they would let their Facebook friends know at least a week in advance. Of course that means if they said something today we would be looking at the earliest possible release day being March 4th.

There have been a lot of fake versions of Temple Run in the market. The original Temple Run was developed by a group called Imangi, and they promise, when it’s time for the official release, they’ll let us know.

source: AndroidCommunity

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