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T-Mobile Turns One Day Only Sale Into Two Day Event

T-Mobile announced earlier this month, that they were holding a one day only sale which made all of their premium smartphones and tablets free after rebate and new two year contract. In all of T-Mobile’s marketing for the promotion the strictly emphasized that this promotion would only be one day, that day was to be Saturday February 11th.

However, as we’ve found out through internal documents posted to T-Mobile has problems with their POS system and were forced to extend the sale an extra day. When T-Mobile announced this internally they didn’t want stores to promote the extension, but to grant the free phone sale if asked about it.

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We’ve heard reports that many T-Mobile stores didn’t follow corporate instructions and pumped the second day of the sale anyway.

What we find odd is that their POS system caused this problem. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this promotion, not even the second, if we recall correctly this would be the 4th or 5th time they’ve done this or a very similar promotion, so the POS system should have been just fine.

Did you get a new T-Mobile phone this weekend? For free?

source: Tmonews


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