Sprint Starting A Promotion Very Similar To Verizon’s New Every Two

Sprintfeed has picked up an internal memo that outlines a new internal promotion that’s designed to allow customers approaching their upgrade time the opportunity to upgrade earlier by paying an off-set fee.

In other words, as long as you’re more than eight months into your contract and you’re on Sprint you can pay a “fee” towards an early upgrade that is prorated based on the amount of time remaining on your contract.  If this seems like you’ve heard about something like this, Verizon Wireless ran a promotion similar to this for years.

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In Verizon Wireless’ new every two promotion an clock counted down how long you had until an upgrade date along with how much more you would pay to upgrade early.

With Sprint’s promotion once you’ve reached 9-11 months you’ll pay a fee of $165 to upgrade early. At the 12-14 month mark the fee goes down to $125. When you reach months 15-17 the fee goes down to $95. Finally at 18-21 months you pay just $55.

These fees are in addition to the new two year price on a phone and of course it would mean you have to start a new two year contract.

The promotion runs through March 14th which could be an indicator that we will see the Galaxy Nexus, or heck even the Galaxy Note shortly after.

source: Sprintfeed