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Some Android Users Throwing A Red Card On Gamelofts Brand New Soccer Title

Gameloft has just released their “Real Football 2012” into the Android Market. If you didn’t gather from the headline, when Gameloft says “Real Football” they mean soccer, or the version of Football everywhere but the good ole US of A.

The game features awesome game play, brilliant graphics, and seems to really pop on dual core phones. But there is one huge draw back that are making some Android fans throw up a red card on Gameloft.

Real Football 2012 uses a stamina system for the players. Instead of discovering power ups, or secret potions, when the stamina gets down too low on Real Football 2012 the user (you) needs to use an in app purchase to restore the soccer players stamina. Without the in-app purchase it’s almost impossible to play very long.

If you don’t want to deal with the in app purchase there are other soccer games out there like FIFA.

source: Phandroid

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