Shocking: 41% Of Teenagers Admit To Being Cyber Bullied On Their Handset

Fresh on the heels of revealing that a much smaller percentage of teenagers are sexting than we thought, the reverse is true for cyber bullying.

A new study of teenagers between the ages of 13-17 commissioned by Openet, has some shocking new details about cyber bullying. This isn’t like the old days where one playground beating and you brush your shoulders off, get up and have another day of school. Cyber Bullying has many faces and is often on-going. What’s worse is many teenagers of course don’t feel comfortable telling their parents about it, and without a bruise or a bloody lip many parents don’t know it’s going on.

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The survey revealed that 41% of teenagers were victims of cyberbullying while 25% of the victims admitted that they cyberbullied other kids as well.

Parents seem to have more control and access to seeing when their kids fall victim to cyberbullying via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, because phones are always with the owner, parents don’t see when cyberbullying takes to text messaging.

Cyber Bullies will call kids names, threaten them, send them inappropriate messages and pictures and circulate their cell phone numbers around so others can cyber bully as well. Again it’s hard for a victim of cyber bullying to get their phone number changed because that would result in having to tell their parents.

The Openet study also revealed that teenagers are texting a lot (we knew this right). Openet used 1800 text messages a month as a baseline for heavy texting. According to the study 23% of teenagers surveyed regularly crossed that threshold. Of course with more text messaging came more cyber bullying. The study revealed that 46% of those heavy texters were cyber bullying victims.

source: RWW

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  1. Would it hurt if we limit cellphones usage to our kids unless really needed?  That way mobile bullying via text messages would be minimized or eliminated. Or perhaps, let’s help educate our kids about cyber bullying, that it’s never right and okay.  And when that happens, let them know never hesitate to let parents know so they could get appropriate help.  Remind them that only parents or family members could help no matter how delicate the situation may be.

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