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Series 3 Vinyl Android Figurines Leak Ahead Of MWC

Ok so the “ahead of MWC” part doesn’t really pertain here but we thought we’d add it because every other like around this time pertains to MWC. But wait, maybe, just maybe the 3rd series of these beloved vinyl Android figures will debut MWC. Last year, Google gave out exclusive Android collector pins. Who knows, we will in 2 weeks, and we’ll bring you all the action here and on Slacker & AOL radio.

As for the figurines, this is the third of the series of immensely popular themed Androids. The most notable ones are the Nexus themed one and the all red one. There are also five new Android figurines which haven’t been revealed adding mystique to the whole thing. Now you just have to buy as many as you can in hopes that you can get the 5 mystery ones.

Source: AndroidGuys

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