Sanjay Jha’s Big Pay Off, Google To Replace Him With Dennis Woodside

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha to become $62 million dollars richer with Woodside's appointment

Just about every mobile focused tech site today reported the news that Google Executive Dennis Woodside would be replacing Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha after the Google/Motorola merger is completed. Earlier this year reports had surfaced that Google’s Nikesh Arora could end up with the Motorola position.

What’s clear is that, post merger, current Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha would not be leading the new mobile hardware unit at Google. While Jha is often credited with turning Motorola Mobility around after a 3 year hiatus from producing hit devices, after the thunder behind the original Motorola Droid launch and a few Android devices following, the spark seems to have fizzled.

Google also likes to do things their way with people that are accustomed to the cargo shorts and t-shirts, 24 hour a day, ping pong between reports lifestyle that is the Google campus. Google has said that Motorola will still keep residence in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois, but it’s also apparent that the rigid corporate structure in place now may not be the best fit with the life of a Googler.

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After all of this though, don’t be worried about Sanjay Jha. An executive of his pedegree will have no problem finding work, or something to occupy his time. Take former Samsung CSO Omar Khan for example, he didn’t stay dormant at all in fact he went to mega financial giant Citi, post Samsung and now he is CEO at NQ Mobile.

But if that’s not enough to keep you from shedding a tear from the very likable Jha, than this might. As we reported back in August, Jha has a pretty nice golden parachute by any standard.  When Jha joined Motorola from Qualcomm he received 3.8 million shares of Motorola stock. He also received 2.9 million options.  Jha’s 2.9 million options are valued at $62 million dollars and vest after he’s been with the company 3  years.

Here’s the kicker though, the 2.9 million options vest immediately if Jha leaves the company after an ownership change. It looks like Woodside’s appointment just made Sanjay Jha $62 million dollars richer.

Source: TDG