Samsung Introduces Oven With WiFi & Android Baked In

Yes you read the headline correctly. Samsung has introduced a new ceramic oven with wifi and Android baked in (you see what we did there).

Sure you can use the new Zipel oven to cook traditionally with the typical oven controls on the front however the oven has it’s own Android application with over 160 different presets for various meals. You can also control the temperature, see when your preheating is up and more from your Android phone or tablet when connected to the oven.

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Of course a ceramic oven it heats up quickly.¬† All around this is a high end oven it even talks. According to the Korean Samsung website the oven is mindful of your health. You can even view on the oven itself or the Android app how many calories are in that giant meal you’re about to prepare.

Not only are the electronics in the oven made by Samsung but the oven itself is more energy efficient because it uses Samsung’s patented ceramic enamel cavity which has been fired at temperatures higher than 1472 degrees.

Worried about keeping the oven clean? You can set oven cleaning mode directly from your Android phone.

Right now the oven is only available in Korea, along with several other Android powered appliances.¬† Hopefully we’ll see some of this great technology in the US before too long.

source: Samsung (in Korea) and Phandroid