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Samsung Galaxy S III Not Releasing In France, We’re Still Betting On CTIA

Rumors were hot and heavy that the Samsug Galaxy S III would be announced at an up coming press event in France on March 22nd.  Android Authority ran this story complete with graphic suggesting the French date.

We’ve known for a few weeks now that Samsung has decided not to release the follow up to the world wide hit, Samsung Galaxy S II, at Mobile World Congress. Samsung had made a statement that pointed to a time later in the year and possibly in the US. If both of those hold true we could be looking at a CTIA release.

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Of course most websites don’t want to do the extra two minutes of work to make educated real estimates, but heck to each his own. I mean really if the Galaxy S III is ready for a March 22 launch, they couldn’t bring a half baked version to announce 3 weeks earlier in Barcelona with a bigger global press audience?

Samsung holds two press “open house” style events in France every year. This March 22nd date is that event.  Samsung has said they will be concentrating on the current Samsung portfolio. We’re sure the emphasis will be on any new tablet that releases at MWC alongside the Galaxy Note which is getting a huge marketing push from S. Korea and Samsung Mobile USA.

source: TNW

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