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Samsung Galaxy Note To Come In Pink Too

We know how everyone loves a white phone, well apparently everyone loves a pink phone as well.

Samsung is hoping with their huge Superbowl push and their co-op advertising with Best Buy that the 5.3″ phoneblet will be a winner in every household. With it’s pricing at just $299 on a new two year agreement they are trying to make the new device more obtainable, and apparently more fashionable.

Earlier this week Samsung announced that super models participating in New York’s fashion week grazed the catwalks with the new head turning device.

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When the Samsung Galaxy Note was announced at IFA in Berlin back in September Samsung made sure that everyone knew they were looking to create a new category of device. A device that fits in between a tablet and a phone.

The Galaxy Note is coming at just the right time. As consumers are starting to look at data and texting as the primary or preferred communication method on a mobile device, and less at actual airtime minutes, the Galaxy Note fills a void. With the Galaxy Note, data is front and center and the phone portion is there in case you need it.

There’s no word as to when the “Berry Pink” Galaxy Note will be available or if it will carry a heftier price tag, although that’s doubtful unless Samsung changes some of the inner workings of the device.¬† As our friends at phonearena point out, it’s not a hello kitty pink but a more subtle pink, almost mauve we say.

source: PhoneArena

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