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Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Leaks Before Mobile World Congress

As we get closer and closer to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain at the end of this month, more and more phone news leaks out. This time it’s Samsung and the Galaxy Mini 2.

The original Galaxy Mini didn’t come to the United States, and it’s not likely we will see the Mini 2 either however the rest of the world will.

The Galaxy Mini was an entry level Android device. The Mini 2 will also be in the entry level range. However, Samsung has beefed up the screen size and added a faster processor. The new version of the Galaxy Mini will feature a 3.3″ TFT screen. The processor has been upgraded to 800mhz.

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To compare with the original Samsung Galaxy Mini, that phone had a 3.14″ screen and a 600mhz processor.

The Galaxy Mini 2 seems to be a perfect Android phone for someone upgrading from a feature, messaging phone or a traditional flip phone. It will give the user all of the Android features without having to shell out the dough for a top tier phone.

The Galaxy Mini 2 has a pretty sleek design and should fit easily into any pocket.

This looks to be possibly one of many new Samsung Android phones in 2012 although it doesn’t look like we will see a new flagship phone at the world’s largest mobile phone conference.

source: PhoneArena  GSMArena

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