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Samsung Denies Any Participation In Isreali Ad Where Galaxy Tab 10.1 Blows Up Iranian Nuclear Facility

Our good friend Ina Fried at AllthingsD originally caught wind of this story over the weekend. Apparently a cable network in Israel that goes by the name of “Hot” has Samsung, well, a little “Hot” over an ad airing in Israel.

The ad features some Israeli guys walking through the desert and talking about a hit Israeli show called “Asfur” a popular Israeli sitcom. According to AllthingsD, and our interpretation of the video, the cable company is either doing some kind of contest where Israeli’s can win a Galaxy Tab or the company is promoting an app to watch this “Asfur” on a Galaxy Tab.

More and the video after the break

The Israeli guys get to an outpost and talk to another gentlemen who says he has not missed an episode of Asfur thanks to his tablet. He shares the tablet with his new found friends and they start looking around at the apps.¬† One of the Israeli’s asks “what does this app do” and as soon as he presses the tablet the Iranian nuclear facility behind them blows up. They chalk it up to just another explosion in Iran.

While an American audience, and evidently an Israeli audience, may find this to be just another funny ad, Iran doesn’t.

Samsung has denied any involvement in the development or participation in this ad. Theyv’e distanced themselves from it as much as they could. The ad itself does show the tablet and names it specifically but hey we’ll take Samsung’s word for it.

It looks like Samsung may feel the brunt of this attempt at humor though as the Iranian government is considering banning all Samsung products. This time it has nothing to do with Apple and everything to do with some creative guys judgement over what they think is funny.

Here is the ad:

Source: AllthingsD

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