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RIM: When You Can’t Sell Them Give Them To Android Developers

RIM is about to rollout the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 software update. When they do, Android developers will be able to submit their Android app in it’s original form, to the Blackberry Appworld and get it converted to run on the newest version of the Blackberry Playbook.

The ability to run Android apps on the Blackberry Playbook hasn’t been a secret, we’ve known for just about a year that it was coming. Blackberry officials informed us this week at an industry event, that the 2.0 update was coming this month.

If you’re an Android developer and you’ve always wanted a Blackberry Playbook, now’s your chance to get one. RIM would like you to start submitting your apps to Blackberry App World now so that when the Blackberry Playbook software update hits, they can have plenty of Android apps to compliment there Blackberry offerings.

Your Android apps need to be submitted by February 13th and it’s been rumored that February 17th is the launch date for the upgrade.

If you’re a developer and need more information go here

Source: PhoneArena

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