Really Cool Laser Etched Galaxy Nexus Covers

Android developer Omar Trujillo who goes by the name of Omie07 around the web has created something a little bit special and a lot bit cool. Omie07 has designed laser etched Galaxy Nexus battery covers.

Trujillo said that he had created similar covers for the Blackberry back when he was a Blackberry user and felt the Android world was ready for some laser etched goodness.  The laser etched battery covers feature the Rootz Wiki logo with the words “Got Root” below the Android pirate logo.

Trujillo ran into a problem though, and that was without doing them in bulk the covers cost nearly $100 and who would pay $100 for a battery cover. Sure there are some folks that would.  Trujillo took to indigogo which is a crowdsourced funding site very similar to kickstarter.

He had a modest goal of $1250 so he could do one run of the covers in bulk. He has two sizes available for the GSM and CDMA versions of the Galaxy Nexus. You can get the etched cover for the regular battery or for the extended battery.

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His Indiegogo project has gone through the roof, with 22 days left he is at over $4200 which means he can produce even more laser etched covers. While most of  the perks within the indiegoogo project include a cover, there will still be covers left over for those of us that didn’t get in initially.

We originally saw this story over at XDA however the moderators at XDA seemed to have pulled the story down, it’s still here on Google Cache though.  We hear that it was pulled down because of XDA’s policy about paid for products, but probably moreso because of Trujillo’s affiliation with RootzWiki the second fastest growing developer community on the net after XDA.

If you want to help Trujillo produce more covers or you want one for yourself head over to indiegogo and sign up to support this community project.

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