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Readability Will Make Reading Websites Easier On Android

Readability is a new kind of mobile app that promises to make it easier for the user to cut through the clutter that is sometimes found on web pages, and consolidates the text to a much easier to read format.

The developers of the app have promised that the Android version is coming soon. Readability was supposed to go to iOS devices first. They had planned on being in the iOS App Store three months ago. However, to date, it’s still not available.

While they were waiting for final App Store approval Readability’s developers were hard at work preparing the Android version. Now the developers have tweeted that the Android version is ready so we should see it any day now.

Readability offers a bookmarklet that strips away the clutter and forms an easy to read page with hyperlinks still in tact. There are also several other apps that use Readability’s features via their API. Those include Reeder, Twitteriffic and more.

Although it’s not in the market just yet we’re expecting to see it any day now.

Source: 9to5Google

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