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Qualcomm & Ericsson Show Off VoLTE

When Verizon first announced their 4G/LTE network back in the fall of 2010 many journalists on the conference call were wondering about one thing, and that is VoLTE. In case you’re not familiar, VoLTE is Voice over LTE.

Many 4G/LTE handset users don’t realize that only data is currently handled over Verizon Wireless’ robust 4G/LTE network, calls are actually made using 3G/CDMA. With VoLTE that all changes. Calls will travel over the 4G/LTE network and with that they will become clearer and sound better.

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When 4G/LTE devices first hit the market there was a lot of talk about switching from 3G to 4G/LTE. While it only pertained to data it did affect the devices battery life in constantly looking for and then changing to 3G or 4G based on the network.

Qualcomm’s newest SnapDragon S4 chip incorporates a new technology called Single Radio Voice Call Continuity which is the technology that will allow calls to switch between CDMA and LTE when the available coverage becomes available.

Because Verizon Wireless is CDMA and not GSM, when a call is taken on a Verizon Wireless phone with 4G/LTE it’s actually using the traditional 2G/3G CDMA radio. There is a secondary radio for the LTE, which is why you need a “sim” card on a Verizon Wireless LTE phone. AT&T phones just switch when a call comes in.

We’re are hoping to see 4G/LTE phones with VoLTE at MWC in three weeks

source: Phonearena


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