Pew: Apps Not As Important As We Thought

New research coming out of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life project is about to turn everything we’ve heard in the last year or so about apps on its head.

Apple is currently touting over 500,000 apps in the iOS App Store.  Android is holding steady at around 300,000 apps in the Android Market place. Both RIM/Blackberry’s App World and Windows Phone 7’s marketplace combined don’t even come close to Android or Apple. But according to the newest research from Pew, that may not matter at all.

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In their newest research on smartphone trends and app usage, 68% of smartphone users open five or fewer apps at least once a week. The same research suggests that 42% of the respondents have not installed one app on their phone.

Kristen Purcell, a Pew Researcher, believes the reason for these app trends is that the novelty of the new phone wears off. However the apps that stay on the phone are used a lot. Nielsen research suggests that Android users spend 90 minutes a day on their phone with 67% of that time using apps.

Anindya Datta of app analytics firm Mobilewalla, says that measuring app downloads is skewed: “We are constantly deleting them. That’s why the number of downloads is a very poor measure of how popular an app is.”

Datta goes on to say that 80-90% of apps get downloaded after a short time and that an app is considered sticky once it is kept by 30% of those who downloaded it.  According to Mobilewalla of the one million apps available on the top 4 mobile OS platforms only 10% have been discovered.

source: USA Today via PhoneArena

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